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Why Morse Will Lose: Ground Report

As with the Romney campaign, I spent some time knocking on doors in support of the Sen. Morse recall effort. As with Romney, walking through unfamiliar neighborhoods and speaking with complete strangers is an education everyone should experience. Unlike with Romney, the Morse recall campaign is a winner, driven by motivated enthusiastic volunteers.

Political observers nationwide know Colorado Senate President John Morse as a leader in passing the state’s radical anti-gun laws. Thanks to Morse, nearly every modern pistol is now illegal, parents may not lend weapons to their children, and several hundred manufacturing jobs are leaving the State. The CO AG has stated his intent not to prosecute all of these laws, but that “guidance” can be reversed or ignored at any time. Morse is a traitor to natural rights, the US Constitution, and the spirit of Colorado. His recall is well deserved.

My day of door knocking started with a drive from far-left Denver to the military dominated Colorado Springs. Denver is full of Cesar Chavez memorials (Castro communist), while The Springs is full of flags and other patriotic displays. Even in the moderate income neighborhood I walked, most homes displayed some statement of patriotism that Denverites would consider hokey.

The recall Morse office was staffed with typically cheerful Springs folks, untrained in big city aloofness. Unlike the Denver Romney campaign, these people knew the electoral landscape; the Romney folks were flown in from Utah and had no idea where they were sending me. Perhaps because The Springs leans Republican and Denver hunts conservatives down, the Morse data was much more accurate and up-to-date. Romney’s folks were burnt-out, while the Morse campaign had a winning and competent attitude.

On the streets, one of the first things I did was embarrass myself. I met a Vietnamese-American woman whose slight build, kitty t-shirt, and braces led me to believe she could not vote; she was 20. As it turns out, she had recently repelled a home intruder with a pistol. She was not aware that Morse had outlawed her pistol (it is grandfathered as long as it is in her sole possession at all times). She was not aware that Morse had compared her gun ownership to a “sickness from our souls.” She was not aware of other Colorado Democrats’ baseless advice that a gun harmed her chances of self-defense.

Later, I met a disabled veteran whose arm was missing below the elbow, and perhaps he had some slight damage to his speech systems. He was not impressed with Morse’s anti-rights votes and ties to east-coast billionaires. He said he had earned the right to his rifle collection. Of course privileges are earned and rights are gifts from God, but who was I to correct him? On issues of rights, especially those of self-defense, disabled veterans such as he should be allowed to vote twice (which is not difficult given Colorado’s new same-day voter registration without ID).

Morse is going to lose this election, the first recall in Colorado history. Even a passing mailman, a union member, asked me for information on voting times and locations; he wants Morse out. There are no public polls, but GOP early turnout exceeds Democrat. Surely most Democrats support Morse, but in a patriotic town like The Springs, fewer of these Democrats will vote for Morse than did in the last election when Morse lied about being pro-gun-rights. Likewise with independents who have no emotional attachment to the Democrat party. Further, Morse last won only because a Libertarian spoiled the close race. Morse will lose despite massive leftist and union campaign donations.

The other Colorado recall election against Angela Giron is closer. Her removal depends on whether a portion of her Democrat turnout votes against her and also independent sentiment. She represents Pueblo, an impoverished area with many dependent on welfare. These voters are generally inclined to rely on the government, and gun-rights supporters relish their independence. She has claimed victory already, which might mean she is in trouble.

As I reported in my Romney campaign report, walking around neighborhoods reaffirms faith that the US is fine, only its government is beyond redemption. Every person was friendly and polite in The Springs, and the few Morse supporters I encountered were cheerful and wished me well despite our differences. The Morse campaigner I met also wished me a fine day; of course since he was being paid, stopping a few minutes only hurt Mike Bloomberg. Do not believe the sensationalist news; Americans are honest, generally polite, and they just want to pay their bills and live in peace. If tools like Sen. Morse would stop agitating based on tragedy and division, there really would be progress.

A Real Justice Department

Post Zimmerman acquittal, AG Holder more than hinted his department was searching for ways to further prosecute the shooter. The problem with such ‘hate crimes’ laws is that their systematic application applies in reverse more often than the way Holder wishes; black on white hate crimes are most common. Leftists understand this unwelcome fact is inoperative; hate crime laws are actually political tools. An even handed approach to civil rights might look very different from the DOJ that let New Black Panther voter intimidation slide. What would the Justice Department do if it were honestly seeking to enfranchise those whose Constitutional rights are denied? Sue states like Illinois, New York, and Colorado.

By far, the largest body of Citizens denied the exercise of their Constitutional rights are residents of states that violate the Second Amendment. While leftists cannot point to a single instance of voter disenfranchisement, tens of millions of Citizens may not keep and bear arms as is their natural and Constitutional right. The wording is crystal clear, “the right to keep and bear arms” is a stand-alone right not tied to other considerations, much like “the right of the people to peaceably assemble.” These rights preexisted the Constitution and are universal to everyone on the planet. Despite this, nobody at the DOJ, whether under Holder or any other AG seems to care.

Leftist politicians openly state their intention is to prevent gun ownership. Imagine if Mayor Bloomberg said he was against peaceful assembly or free speech – he would be sued by the DOJ by sundown. Yet in many states run by leftist pols, this equal right is suppressed and denied. In Colorado, nearly every modern pistol is now illegal (the CO AG has issued guidance not to enforce this law, but it can be reversed any time in the future). Chicago aldermen have fought Second Amendment rights as if their lives depended on it, losing case after case in court while delaying rights and inventing new roadblocks (all the while overseeing the US’s murder capital). NY Gov. Cuomo signed the worst anti-rights law in the nation that bans nearly any meaningful practice of Second Amendment Rights. These Democrats are overseeing today’s Jim Crow.

The real civil rights travesty is not requiring voters to show ID, it is the institutionalized denial of Second Amendment rights. If voting rights were suppressed as are gun rights, there would be blood in the streets. The DOJ has a legal responsibility to sue those jurisdictions that are denying individual rights as defined in the Constitution and as affirmed by the Supreme Court, yet the notion of suing CO Gov. Hickenlooper for his treason is not even on the table.

The largest and clearest denial of civil rights are capricious and arbitrary gun bans. Needless to say, Holder’s DOJ will never even consider action. Someday when an AG that claims to care about the Constitution is nominated, like-minded Senators should ask his plan to defend the fundamental civil liberties instead of the politically expedient ones.

Where is the Fifth Amendment?

Where is the Fifth Amendment?

George Zimmerman has been found not guilty of any crime involving his shooting of Trayvon Martin. The State presented its case, and in the eyes of a properly empowered jury, it came up short. The process does not involve exoneration, but Zimmerman is now free to rebuild his life. NBC news trumped up racial charges, Pres. Obama weighed in with dog-whistle racial comments, and the Sharptons of the world exploited the case for their own cynical means. The DOJ may have minimally funded protests aimed at pressuring the State to file charges against Zimmerman. Still, the Constitutional right to a jury of one’s peers was the backstop against all this political pressure. Zimmerman is not a wise man, and he made many errors, but the system found him not to be a criminal. However, the political prosecution will not end, and the DOJ is considering a Federal prosecution. What value really is the Constitution?

Sadly, there are thousands of shootings similar to the Zimmerman affair each year. Some are prosecuted, and some are not, but being selected for political prosecution is akin to being hit by lightning. The Old Media, including the New York Times, NBC, and CNN changed Zimmerman’s race to suit their narrative; Zimmerman certainly does not look white to this observer. One’s race should not matter with regard to a regular criminal investigation, but it is critical when pursuing civil rights charges.

In an earlier case of civil rights double jeopardy, the OM and various race baiters went to extraordinary lengths to reinforce the fact that four white police officers beat Rodney King. Despite being found not guilty, officers Koon and Powell went to prison on Federal civil rights charges (largely on the orders of Pres. Bush Sr. who was fighting for re-election). The OM repeatedly showed snippets of the officers beating the hell out of King, but not the parts where he kept getting up, even after being Tased (some people believe the Taser was defective). Similarly, with Zimmerman the OM edited the 911 recording to make him sound racist, presented a black and white photo that made Zimmerman look white and disguise the blood on his face, and generally destroyed his reputation ahead of the trial. Fortunately, the free media soundly debunked all of the OM’s lies and spin.

Even the FBI’s own report found no evidence that Zimmerman acted as a racist. Should Zimmerman be indicted by AG Holder for civil rights crimes, the FBI will likely be Zimmerman’s star witness. In short, there is no case. At least Koon and Powell were acting as agents of government power; Zimmerman was only a regular citizen. The fact that the DOJ is still considering civil rights charges demonstrates a political prosecution, which is a greater threat to society than any single crime. If the government can turn a Hispanic man white and ignore the findings of its own investigators to charge him under double jeopardy, anyone who is politically unpopular is in danger.

The notion that in extremely rare instances, and only for politically unpopular defendants, suspects may be charged twice based on the same set of actions should be abhorrent to those who support the Bill of Rights. The King and Zimmerman cases are a reversal of a Constitutional principle designed to prevent the government from punishing people based largely on their unpopularity, a common practice under abusers from King George III to Vladimir Putin. To be sure, many people were happy when Koon and Powell were imprisoned, and many people will be happy should Zimmerman be convicted as well. The problem is that anyone can be made to be unpopular, and double jeopardy means the government can take as many swings as it needs to bring down selected targets. Popular outcomes are often not just.

If the DOJ can put Zimmerman in double jeopardy, the government has too much power. If the OM, race baiters, and politicians can pluck an obscure shooting from among thousands, manipulate the facts, and elevate it to national prominence, the People need the protection of the Fifth Amendment more than ever. Unfortunately, without an involved People who understand its value, the Constitution is only a set of words that politicians can ignore.