Nuclear Revolution

Revolutions are breaks from the norm; like a hand grenade in a room, their results are unpredictable. The ordinary coup in a third world nation is not a revolution, but rather the norm in power transfers. In a coup, the base rules of thuggary are unchanged, whereas a revolution requires a rewrite of the rules, usually with unintended results. This week, the US Senate opened the door to revolution by suspending decades of tradition regarding Presidential Advise and Consent. While the immediate results are clear – left-wing courts and agencies – nobody who voted to abolish Cloture likely understands the full possibilities.

After blocking Pres. Bush’s judicial and executive nominees for most of his second term, Democrats found turnabout unpalatable. After all, while the GOP does not see regulators as particularly useful, Dems and especially Obama see them as essential. Washington’s bureaucrat army invents new laws to stymie capitalism and industry in ways Congress never could. Coronating radical leftists like the EPA’s Lisa Jackson and the NLRB’s Richard Cordray is as critical to the Dem agenda as any Congressional seat.

Perhaps this asymmetric value in Senate confirmations is why the GOP never lifted the 60 vote cloture rule and were shocked when the Dems did. In any event, at least for the next several months the flood gates of leftist Presidential appointments are open. Pres. Obama will start by stacking the DC Circuit with anti-capitalist ideologues, followed by seeding the lower courts with the next generation of progressives.

Maybe the Dems think they can transform and perfect the US quickly and permanently, but eventually they will not be in power. When that day comes, the GOP will have free reign to dismantle the Dem’s power base of welfare, unions, and phony Hollywood environmentalists.

The best a modern GOP president has ever done is slow the pace of the US’s transformation from a constitutional republic to a socialist democracy. The US is on a sort of ratchet wherein every new program, even if unpopular or unworkable, can never be repealed. Few regulations are abandoned either, so the nation’s direction is only left, either fast or slow.

On reason the nation almost never turns toward individualism and free markets is the populace’s dependence and acceptance of free money – boiling the frog slowly. Another is the Senate’s former safeguard against rash action. Only once in a generation, as with FDR’s Social Security, JBL’s Medicare, and Obama’s socialized medicine, do the leftist stars align for great change. Once passed, enough time lapses before a GOP ascendance so that the free money becomes baked into families’ budgets and thereby sacred.

No more. Sen. Reid has torpedoed the cloture rule that impedes leftist progress, but opens the door for the GOP to eliminate the remaining rule that ratchets the nation ever further left – cloture on legislation. The GOP would be fools not to repeal the 60 vote cloture rule for new laws. Once gone, any manner of leftist milestones would become fair game.

The Davis Bacon act, which essentially funnels government contract money into unions and Dem coffers – gone. The NLRB, which has become a union organizing body – gone. Obamacare, which promises to empower tens of thousands of busybodies over individuals’ lives – gone. The Clear Air act, which allows the EPA to regulate carbon – gone or severely modified. Every one of Obama’s laws – gone. All of this is possible with a simple majority in the Senate. The Democrats have won the battle of turning the US into a European-style socialist democracy, but Reid’s latest maneuver has opened their biggest flank ever. It is as if he thinks he is playing the end game without concern for a reversal in the war for the soul of the US.

Lovers of liberty and observers of Washington rightly worried over Reid’s massive, generational power grab. However, his greed is sauce for his goose, and with Obamacare’s ever developing failure, it may not be too long before decades of progressivism are on the chopping block. True, the same approach might enable Dems to pass more of their agenda, but they have already won; the only direction remaining is back to center. Reid and his cronies have engineered a revolution that is likely to escape their control.

Guns, Pot, And Bernie Goetz

The Old Media in the form of the AP planted a doozie of misinformation regarding Bernie Goetz’s recent arrest for attempting to sell marijuana to a police officer. The article described Goetz as a “vigilante” and racist, the thugs he shot as “panhandlers,” and his gun as “illegal.” All of the characterizations are completely wrong and deceptive.

Frist, Goetz was not a vigilante, he was only defending himself. In 1984, Goetz was confronted by four youths demanding money. The thug uses a language of tone and body so that while his words may be asking for money, the real message is a threat. Goetz correctly understood the message and shot the youths rather than be robbed (a common crime on NY Subways at the time). The criminals had numerous run-ins with the law before and since the incident; they were not panhandlers, but rather Goetz was exercising his unalienable right to defend himself based on the natural right to live. A vigilante is one who proactively seeks his version of justice, but Goetz did not ask to be confronted.

The young men Goetz shot were black, so the AP implied Goetz must be racist. Goetz did not choose the race of the thugs who approached him. Goetz is not responsible for the fact that even today, blacks are strongly disproportionately responsible for violent crime in NYC. Goetz was not racist in summing up his confronters, and facts he could not know at the time proved his assessment right – they were thugs and criminals. These insights no doubt influenced Goetz’s jury to acquit him of all charges except for possession of an unlicensed gun – he spent the better part of a year in jail.

The AP may be nominally correct that Goetz’s gun was not legal, but he was breaking no valid law. Natural law and the US Constitution protect Goetz’s right to carry a weapon, so the NY law itself was illegal. Further, consider the ugly reality of the Subway at the time. In NYC, driving a car about town is a joke and taxi regulators ensure that at many times hailing a cab is a long shot at best, so the Subway is the only real option for most New Yorkers. The AP itself concedes that then there were 40 serious crimes per day in the Subway system. Goetz was essentially forced to enter a thug’s paradise several times per day. If the government wants to create gun-free zones, they should at least provide security, but the Subways offered danger in addition to filth and stifling heat. People like Goetz had to choose between breaking illegal gun laws and becoming victims.

After a few other controversies, Goetz has resurfaced for being busted selling a trivial amount of MJ to an undercover cop. The worm has turned here. Even though the right to self-defense is immeasurably more important than the right to consume intoxicants at will, NY does not understand. In NY, guns are even more illegal than in the 1980’s, but MJ is de facto legal. Anyone walking through parts of Central Park or down hipper cross-town sidewalks gets a regular whiff of the naughty weed. It is understood that MJ possession and consumption is to be accepted, although the NYPD continue to bust MJ holders as if they were child abusers. Public opinion has shifted away from Rockefeller drug prosecution and toward MJ legalization. Goetz is now a potential symbol of the stupidity of police dedicating undercover cops to busing $30 MJ sales, just as he was once a symbol of self-defense rights. The pro-MJ Left will not take his cause because they do not understand both issues are based on natural rights. Even when the Left is right, it is usually so for invalid reasons.

The recent Goetz radar-blip is further evidence that the OM and the Left in general are divorced from the principles upon which everyone should live – the first principles of the US’s founding documents. Goetz is an unlucky pawn in an ugly game of government control. Self-defense and selling an intoxicant to a willing adult are not crimes, and both the Left and Right should leave Goetz alone.

Obama Did Not Lie III

Today, the Old Media discovered that Obamacare means many individually insured people will lose their insurance, and they will have to pay more for inferior products to boot. The good folks at Drudge Report read the leftist news on behalf of those with weaker stomachs, and they noted NBC‘s breathless discovery of Obamacare’s dark side. Yes, the Obama Administration wrote regulations designed to force as many people as possible out of their coverage and into plans that share costs with unhealthy and old participants. However, this humble blog reported such problems over three years ago.

In September 2010, Shout Bits shared a letter from its author’s insurer warning him to not change anything about his coverage or else his plan would be terminated – not because Humana hated him, but because the law so demanded. The horrors the OM discovered today were known years ago to anyone who would listen.

Shout Bits will note again, Pres. Obama did not technically lie about his health care act. At the time of the law’s passage, what he said was true – the individually insured could keep their policies. However as of March 24, 2010, the promise expired. This type of gotcha promise is typical of Washington, and the OM were more than happy to hide Obama’s critical caveat. Now that millions of people are being booted from their chosen coverage, the OM simply cannot hide the truth any longer. Still, NBC deserves no credit for discovering what independent reporters knew over three years ago.