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Shout Bits is a libertarian / free market site that publishes weekly articles to advocate for liberty and prosperity.  Shout Bits posits that, among human institutions, capitalism and individualism are the best means by which most people can prosper and be happy.  The greatest threat to prosperity and liberty is an overreaching government.  In particular, the US Federal Government is the greatest threat to the US ideals that have created the most prosperous people ever.

Shout Bits is written by Byron S. Watson, CFA, of Denver, CO. His background is pretty unusual – After earning a BSEE and MBA in finance, he worked as a spreadsheet jockey for a few industries. Later he became an economist / expert witness for a major corporation. He started his own homebuilding business just in time for the bubble collapse. He is a Realtor, licensed contractor, private pilot, and even has EPA lead paint renovation status. If you need a financial / investment analyst to build a ridiculously complex model, or you need real estate help in the Denver area, send him a message. Seriously, why not give your business to someone who shares your values?

Shout Bits may edit its posts without notice to correct grammar and typo errors.  If a factual error is made by Shout Bits, the correction will be made to the main text and a note will be entered in the comment section identifying the original error and where it was corrected.

Shout Bits is published on a few other web sites and is occasionally picked up by still others for reprint.  The purpose of publishing Shout Bits elsewhere is to increase readership.  Since Shout Bits generates very small revenues for its author, the only purpose of the articles is to promote the libertarian ideals of liberty and prosperity.  This is a reasonable approach and is not trolling for hits.  Shout Bits generally authorizes other web sites to repost articles if proper attribution is given.  Please do not copy and paste entire articles without attribution – that is theft.

Shout Bits’s logo is a take on Beat the whites with the Red wedge, a Bolshevik propaganda poster by El Lissitzky.  The Lissitzky poster showed a red wedge splitting the white circle, symbolizing the communist fight against the nationalists.  Shout Bits has reversed the colors to symbolize that socialists have taken over the majority of the US and that the minority capitalists need to act as a wedge to restore freedom.

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