Smart-Gay vs. Dumb-Gay

Dictators seem to have an issue with gays. A perspicacious lot, dictators fight some sort of gay threat invisible to regular people. While Christians and traditionalists might decry gay acts, leftist dictators go straight to hating and oppressing gay people. From Nazi Germany to today’s Iran, this tiny and largely invisible minority has had a lot of trouble at the hands of dictators. Russian strongman Vladimir Putin is the latest windmill tilter with his laughable oppression talk. After all, when Islamic terrorists are blowing up Sochi, why not oppress the gays?

Enter the Village People. Some self-appointed leaders of the gay movement – whatever that is – want former front man Victor Willis to use his YMCA song as a protest against Putin’s weirdness. After all, YMCA is an anthem to anonymous gay sex, so the song would be a dog whistle to those who place Putin’s gay oppression on the same level as his trampling of an entire nation’s rights.

In addition to a talent for campy disco, Willis also seems to have a brain for politics and self-preservation. He declined to present his song as a protest, implausibly claiming the song is not really about casual gay sex. In fact, Willis knows that YMCA and the Village People brand is extremely valuable. Every sports event, wedding, and movie that exploits YMCA’s catchy groove puts a few dollars in the royalty pot. After Gary Glitter was exposed as a vicious pedophile, the sports anthem playlist got a little thin.

Perhaps Willis practices self-interest, or perhaps he likes that his songs represent good times as much as gay sex. Either way, he made the smart and classy choice by not poking a hornet’s nest. Smart-gay here.

Enter Chris Kluwe, who is straight by the way. This week, Kluwe dumped on his former employers at the Vikings, claiming his termination was due to his support for gay marriage. He showed how his coach asked him to tone his politics down, presumably to focus on things like punting. The Vikings are in the business of winning games – in 2013 losing. If Tim Tebow’s distraction from the field was intolerable, a gay marriage hammering punter should have taken the advice to shut-up.

The Vikings claim Kluwe was fired because of his inadequate play, which may be the case considering the importance of punters. Most people watch football for entertainment, not to be reminded of divisive politics, which makes Kluwe dumb-gay. The left’s penchant for joyless negativity might fly on MSNBC with its cry-baby pundits, but the NFL is a no-excuses league that likes to keep its brand clean.

Overturning millennia of social tradition takes brains and tact, not a whiny blow-hard whose only talent is vindictive sniping. Bob Costas, that means you too. Those who want to advance the gay agenda – if there even is one – should consult Mr. Willis.

3 thoughts on “Smart-Gay vs. Dumb-Gay

  1. A commenter on another web site noted that I failed to mention that Victor Willis is not gay. This is relevant, and I should have included it in the article. Many thanks to “SecondAmendment.”

  2. You are either being perversely disingenuous or genuinely ignorant. Americans, specially, have a skewed vision of the political spectrum as conceived and accepted in academia. One instance of this is the conflation of fascism and communism. I’ll concede that both correspond to authoritarian or totalitarian regimes, since capitalism is a pillar of liberal democracy, but ideologically, one corresponds to the far right and the other to the far left, respectively, something understood by political scientists such as Barrington Moore Jr. in “Social Origins of Dictatorship and Democracy” and historians such as Eric Hobsbawm in “The Age of Extremes”, to cite just a few authors whom I conveniently read just recently.
    Yet many people believe that the Nazis were socialists or communists, when in reality they were fascists (the name of the party notwithstanding). You share this belief yourself when you call Nazi Germany a “leftist dictatorship.” Additionally, I cannot grasp how a theocratic state such as Iran can be considered “leftist.” (Perhaps you erroneously believe that only injecting Christian dogma into politics can be considered rightist, whereas when the same is done with Islam it is leftist.) And lastly, I would also not apply this adjective to Putin, who has carried out economic liberalization, appealed to nationalism (a trait distinctive of the right even present in the United States as “American exceptionalism”) and elevated the Russian Orthodox Church to some form of quasi-state religion (the “blasphemy” and “gay propaganda” laws).

    Not only do you attempt to depict certain rightist dictatorships as leftists, but you also ignore (willingly, I’d bet) the rightist authoritarian regimes that oppress homosexuals, and understate the actions of “Christians and traditionalists”, who merely “decry gay acts” but don’t “go straight to hating and oppressing gay people.” Putin’s “oppression” of homosexuals, as you yourself perceive it, comes directly from his coddling of the Orthodox Church. Uganda’s law that imposes life imprisonment to homosexuals (originally favoring the death penalty) was expressly motivated by Christian fundamentalism. Goodluck Jonathan, who has also passed oppressive legislation (more so than that of Putin) is a Christian. In Belize, homosexual acts are also illegal and its proposed decriminalization was dismissed as “and orchestrated plan of demonic darkness to dethrone God from our Constitution and open massive gateways to demonic influence and destruction.” That God they’re referring to, it’s the Christian God.

    Now, of the two possibilities I pointed out initially to explain the inaccuracies in your text, I would say the first one is the more plausible one. You clearly wanted to trash “leftists” in any way possible, even if you had to lie (explicitly or by omission). That’s fine, but I believe this mentality is detrimental to your cause, rather than beneficial.

    I am studying Economics and know that, generally, a free market is the most efficient allocator of goods and services, and my moral paradigm (primarily Kantian and Rawlsian) leads me to believe that wealth extraction is inmoral in principle (though I’m also a pragmatist and understand the need for taxation and the State). However this thing American conservatives do, this war-like and retarded mentality that if you’re not with them you’re a “socialist, communist, un-American, Islamist, anti-Christian, radical feminist,Marxist, Kenyan” is a turn-off for me. By the way, Obama is not “far-left”; read a book to find out that what being “far-left” actually means.

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