Obama Did Not Lie III

Today, the Old Media discovered that Obamacare means many individually insured people will lose their insurance, and they will have to pay more for inferior products to boot. The good folks at Drudge Report read the leftist news on behalf of those with weaker stomachs, and they noted NBC‘s breathless discovery of Obamacare’s dark side. Yes, the Obama Administration wrote regulations designed to force as many people as possible out of their coverage and into plans that share costs with unhealthy and old participants. However, this humble blog reported such problems over three years ago.

In September 2010, Shout Bits shared a letter from its author’s insurer warning him to not change anything about his coverage or else his plan would be terminated – not because Humana hated him, but because the law so demanded. The horrors the OM discovered today were known years ago to anyone who would listen.

Shout Bits will note again, Pres. Obama did not technically lie about his health care act. At the time of the law’s passage, what he said was true – the individually insured could keep their policies. However as of March 24, 2010, the promise expired. This type of gotcha promise is typical of Washington, and the OM were more than happy to hide Obama’s critical caveat. Now that millions of people are being booted from their chosen coverage, the OM simply cannot hide the truth any longer. Still, NBC deserves no credit for discovering what independent reporters knew over three years ago.

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