Jim Carrey Takes It Down A Notch

Hollywood liberal Jim Carrey used to be happy earning $20 million per film by focusing on fart noises. But, like every buffoon who gets lucky, Carrey now wants to be taken seriously. Fresh off a campaign to return the US to the days of polio-wards, Carrey has also decided that weapons of self-defense are evil – unless employed by his body guards. While common-sense adults know that vaccines and responsible gun ownership are vitally good things, there is no surprise when a goofy Hollywood leftist attacks them. This time, however, Carrey has peed in Hollywood’s communal well.

Carrey has come out against his own latest movie as being too violent. In addition to anally fixated doofuses, Carrey has played a number of violent characters over the years, so his newfound purity is surprising. Further, the movie is the sequel to the absolutely brilliant Kick Ass, which riffed on the hypothetical nexus between Hollywood violence and the real world. Presumably Kick Ass 2 will be more witty commentary and action. While Kick Ass was mostly popcorn merriment, it also posited that there is a difference between good and evil and that individuals have the right to fight evil when the government will not.

Maybe Carrey’s secret disdain for Kick Ass 2 is its rejection of collectivism and relativism – two of Hollywood’s favorite themes. Motives aside, Carrey has bit his master’s hand. Hollywood movies may be pointless, but they are not trivial – they require marshalling massive capital. Contrary to what they would have fans believe, stars are not paid eight figure salaries because they are talented actors. No, stars are well paid because producers believe they mitigate risk. Big stars are “bankable” because even if a movie stinks, star power will sell tickets. A big part of a star’s value is his promotional efforts (e.g. Brad Pitt’s relentless whoring for World War Z). By distancing himself from Kick Ass 2, Carrey has denied its producers much of the value of hiring him in the first place.

Of course, Carrey’s career is past its peak anyway so nobody will be able to know if his violation of trust with Kick Ass 2‘s producers will be his end. With his willingness to promote his work now in serious doubt, maybe he will only be worth his acting talent (reflecting on his role as the Riddler, that worth may be very small). Likewise, Hollywood producers might think twice before hiring another self-important leftist who thinks he is bigger than the business that employs him.

From the fan’s perspective, Carrey’s condescension is laughable. Even young children know the difference between movie violence and reality. Movie violence is fun, and further the Kick Ass series is solely intended for adults. By protesting his own movie, Carrey is implying that adults are not entitled to their own choices. From gun bans to soda bans to the perennial leftist bashing of movie violence, the message is the same: regular adults are not to be trusted with their own lives. But if Hollywood wishes to portray itself as worthy elitists who should be in charge, Carrey might be the absolutely worst spokesman. So long Mr. Carrey; don’t let the door hit your talking butt cheeks on the way out.

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