CO’s Hick Is Running For President

Caught up in a wave of anti-gun-rights propaganda and irrational sentiment, the Colorado Legislature will vote today on unconstitutional and pointless anti-gun-rights bills. Among the four anti-gun-rights bills are a ban on magazines greater in capacity than 15 rounds and a requirement for criminal background checks even for private transfers of weapons. Of course, these bills will not prevent a single crime or shooting tragedy; they merely criminalize the lives of decent citizens. Further, since the background check bill is patently unenforceable, it is an obvious stepping stone to gun registration, the real goal of anti-gunners. Nobody should be surprised that once the Democrats took all the reins of power in Colorado, they immediately moved to strip citizens of their gun rights as their first priority. Colorado gerrymandering protects some fairly radical leftists who instinctively hate personal responsibility, especially as expressed in the right to self-defense. The surprise is that Gov. “Hick” Hickenlooper plans to sign the transparently fascist bills into law. The best explanation is that Hick is running for President.

Hick, for those outside of Denver, is not an actual hick. He is a former oil man and restaurateur. Personally he is an elitist, arrogant to the point of being funny, and with no interest or sympathy to anyone beyond his political ambitions. He is a serial tax raiser with an extremely leftist and paternal agenda. However, the far-left Denver Post routinely describes him as a “moderate.” Publicly, Hick courts an image that is a mixture of Western style and geeky aw-shucks charm, but he is really an exceptionally driven politician who has always boxed above his weight. Why, then, did he voluntarily stick his nose into a divisive issue that has always proven to be a loser for Democrats, especially in the West?

Colorado is a divided state. Urban centers such as Denver and Boulder are extreme-Left. Few outsiders realize that these cities are as far left as the North East or California. Denver has produced the socialist, and unhinged, Reps. Schroeder and DeGette. Boulder is the home of Ward Churchill, the professor who lied about being Indian and who called the 9/11 victims “little Eichmanns” because their work supported the evils of US capitalism. Most of the rest of Colorado is center-right, along with other Western States. State wide elections cannot be won solely with the lunatic-left urban vote, hence CO’s US Senators’ avoiding the gun issue with all their might. Hick, by comparison, initiated the gun debate in CO a few days before the CT tragedy. Hick’s predecessor’s union pandering forced him to not seek a second term, so Hick’s volunteering for the gun debate is curious politics at best. No polling exists, but Hick has probably abandoned an easy reelection for a toss-up against a gun-rights Republican.

Hick does not make these kinds of mistakes, and he has never been so bold about anything other than parking meter fees. Either he has gone crazy hanging-out with Hollywood and Washington leftists, or he has focused his sights outside of Colorado.

The conventional Democrat political wisdom is that the GOP is smashed and irrelevant. True or not, most Dems think the real 2016 Presidential Election is the Democrat primary. The US is lurching hard to the left, and Dems are falling over themselves to repudiate moderates like Pres. Clinton and align with socialists like Pres. Obama. Gov. Cuomo recently signed the most unconstitutional and disturbingly fascist gun law ever. Even GOP pols like Gov. Christie are shifting left, presumably to sail this new wind. These governors are national figures who are quite likely to run for President, so why is a backwater governor of a smallish state following their lead? Hick is aligning with the rest of the hard-left presidential field.

Hick wants to be President. He knows that Western Democrat money and votes for such an enterprise are in short supply, so his politics are mirroring the deep blue states along the coasts. Hick does not care what Coloradans want; he wants to be able to share a pleasant meal with Mayor Bloomberg, the extreme collectivist. Should Hick also come out against the Keystone-XL pipeline, his national ambitions may as well be painted on an Occupy Wall Street banner. Of course, the interests of Coloradans who want to live freely and exercise their natural and constitutional rights are merely stepping stones along his way.

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