Guns, Drugs Prove Society Is Rudderless

In the time a man can hold his breath, the Colorado State Legislature began its plot to ban and confiscate previously legal semi-automatic weapons. With a new Democrat sweep of all lawmaking powers, the first order of business is to thwart the will of most Coloradans and ban guns and restrict their private transfer. Simultaneously, a political committee is drafting rules for the commercial sale of recreational marijuana. Blessedly, Mayor Bloomberg does not live in CO, but his spirit of central control, arrogance, and fascist allegiance to the common good is alive and growing in the West.

When the voters of CO mostly legalized MJ, Shout Bits haled a bold victory for individual choice and responsibility. Regardless of MJ’s negative consequences (which may be few), it is not the government’s place to tell adults what to do with their own bodies, time, and money. When the government decides what is best for its citizens, it almost always makes poor policy and it also inverts the rightful relation of the People’s sovereignty over the government. Sadly, the Democrats’ attitude toward MJ rights does not transfer to any other individual right. MJ laws do not prove a commitment to liberalism, just a pandering to libertine permissiveness.

Just as the government has no legitimate power to regulate what people do with their own lives, it has no power to restrict gun ownership. The two issues are made of the same fabric. That is why it is sad to see the deep Blue state of CO embrace MJ and gun bans. Simultaneously recognizing people’s natural right to consume MJ, but not to own most semi-automatic weapons is hypocrisy, especially because the right to self-defense is vastly more important than the right to libations. There is no rudder, no standard by which right and wrong are measured in today’s politics.

Somehow, a nation of rights, and individualist ideals has been replaced by do-gooders who think their capricious bans on banalities such as soda drinks, raw milk, and baby formula are both helpful and legal. Of course, their weapons bans are a holy crusade in their twisted minds. In the 1920’s, the US unleashed gangland violence through prohibition, but at least those Americans recognized that their bad idea required a Constitutional Amendment. How times have changed; now a single US Senator can demand retailers stop selling certain completely legal rifles, and his will is obeyed.

The US citizen has slowly abdicated his right and responsibility to make his own decisions. This is exactly the chain of events Hayek believed led to WWII. Yes, too much sugar is unhealthy, and raw milk is a stupid idea that takes food health back 150 years. The price for allowing the government to decide what is best, however, is tyranny, as the latest round of gun confiscation proves. To keep the right to bear arms alive, citizens must resist all nanny state intrusions into the private lives of responsible adults.

So, yes, buy a gun now while you can. However, don’t draw the line of defense at the last, most desperate point. Demand the right to decide what is best on your own in every aspect of life. Once fascist gun confiscators like Bloomberg, and now possibly Gov. Hickenlooper, know they can deny your doctor’s ability to prescribe pain medication, they know they own you. A centrally planned society is the opposite of the US’s purpose, so gun-rights advocates should fight all violations of liberty. This latest gun confiscation fever is just added proof that conservatives need to start thinking libertarian.

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