Bork’s Replacement

Yesterday the Hon. Robert Bork passed away. Bork was targeted politically and his Supreme Court nomination crushed because he was a Constitutional originalist (i.e. The Constitution means what it says in plain English based on the common sense language of the day – radical). The list of GOP Senators who voted against him is a who’s-who of RINO traitors to liberty: John Chafee (RI, socialized medicine), Bob Packwood (OR, not so bad, but don’t hit on your assistants outside the Oval Office), Arlen Specter (PA, wrong on nearly every issue every time. The worst GOP Senator ever), Robert Stafford (VT, a Prescott Bush statist), John Warner (VA, leftist, endorser of Dem politicians, USSR ‘détente’ apologist) and Lowell P. Weicker, Jr. (CT, endorsed Howard Dean for Pres.). Whenever Dems blast ‘politicizing’ the judiciary, remember that to them, Borking is a one way street, a street they invented.

Less well remembered is the failed Court bid of Bork’s replacement, the Hon. Douglas Ginsburg. He was forced to withdraw his name from consideration because of some minor ethical conflicts, but mostly because he had smoked Marijuana. Nobody accused Ginsburg of being a burnt-out chronic, a wake-and-bake hippie, or a dealer. No, Ginsburg had smoked the MJ most recently ten years prior to his nomination, and reportedly only on occasion prior to that. Yet, his aspirations were ruined by the scandalous disclosure.

Think on Ginsburg’s story, freedom lovers. A man with good potential had probably his highest goal in life taken away because he did what the past three Presidents are known also to have done. Shout Bits is going out on a limb and risking a lawsuit, but Pres. Clinton did indeed inhale. Further, there is credible evidence that the past three Presidents also enjoyed cocaine. By Pres. Obama’s own account, he smoked a lot of the evil weed and snorted a lot of the jazz salt.

Ginsburg was forced to withdraw because of the obvious conflict in adjudicating the drug laws he once violated as a recreational user. Nobody likes a hypocrite, except the past three two-term Presidents, each of which escalated the war on the very drugs they once enjoyed. Apparently the electorate is OK with such blatant hypocrisy after all.

Ginsburg’s story, freedom lovers, is a milepost on the road to restoring personal responsibility and liberty in the category of libation. Today, nobody would demand court nominees to have never smoked MJ. Indeed, short of someone as sober as Gov. Romney, people are skeptical when anyone claims to have never tried it.

Looking back 25 years, MJ’s place in the culture has undergone a sea-change. As always, the Federal Government is the last to get the message. In large part driven by federal policy, arrests for simple MJ possession continue at a record pace. States like WA and CO do not need looking after by a Federal Government that cannot pass a budget. The People do not need to be dictated how to lead their lives by Mayor Soda Fountain, AG Gun Runner, or Pres. Choom Gang. As distant and irrational as Ginsburg’s story seems today, perhaps so too will be the story of these nanny-state hypocrites after another 25 years.

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  1. Packwood was New York’s third senator, and a pro-abort jerk. He received more funding from NY than from Oregon and voted like a New Yorker–which is not a compliment where I come from (rural Oregon).

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