Ding Dong, Lean Forward is Dead

Today, the AP is reporting that MSNBC.com will be no more. Formed in 1995 to be a powerhouse combination of NBC’s mass market muscle and Microsoft’s online dominance (remember MSN TV?), the site has become the online home of partisan hacks devoted to socialism and Pres. Obama in particular. While MS’s Bill Gates is a closeted liberal, he has not controlled the giant for some time, so this divorce is well overdue. Can a reboot of the cable franchise be far off?

Freedom loving internet consumers should avoid Google’s products because of the company’s hard left ideology. Google’s founders think capitalism and tough competition is “evil,” although their actions hardly live up to such idealism. Google’s top management donate millions to the far left of the Democrat Party spectrum. They promote ridiculous ‘green’ initiatives that threaten to spill over into expensive mandates for less well-heeled companies. Unfortunately, the alternative, Bing by Microsoft, was little better with its support of MSNBC.com.

Of all the technology companies, MS seemed the least likely to support the politics of Silicon Valley, situated in the shadow of San Francisco and the cradle of numerous left-wing universities. MS is outside of the slightly less leftist Seattle, but more importantly, MS suffered at the hands of evil government manipulation. Prior to the Silicon Valley funded government witch hunt of the 1990’s, MS essentially had no presence in Washington. MS made products that people were free to buy or not buy, and played a rough, but open game of pure capitalism. MS asked for nothing more than to be left alone by the government. Fools.

MS was nearly destroyed by penalties and oversight that became wholly irrelevant long before they expired. As with nearly all government intrusions into technology, the market moved much faster than the regulators, and the very technologies the government sought to protect became outdated. Just as nobody cares that the FCC regulates land-line telephone rates, nobody cares whether Windows 7 is pre-loaded with free software tools (Windows 8 will be pre-loaded now that the FTC is out of MS’s hair).

Of all companies, MS should value freedom from government abuse, yet their marriage to the radicals at NBC News continued, until today. MS will no longer lend its name, financial support, or office space to NBC News’s radical socialist agenda. The AP report states that MS had grown tired of MSNBC’s leftward shifts and wanted to develop its own news content. While MS withdrew from the MSNBC cable channel in 2005, the network should now change its name to complete the divorce.

Here’s hoping that MS’s new news web site will serve free markets and freedom loving minds. The other side is fully saturated, so the smart business bet is that they will. Either way, those who do not want to support far-left Democrats with each internet search should feel better when choosing Bing over Google. Libertarians now have a good chance to flex their economic muscle thanks to MS’s divorce from NBC; choose Bing over Google.

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  1. Can you recommend a search engine to take the place of Google for conservatives. I would be interested in seeing a story like that posted.

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