Healthcare Under The SEIU

The SEIU, a major public sector union with strong ties to the Obama Administration, holds its annual conference today in Denver, CO. Best known for its role in orchestrating the violent Occupy Wall Street movement, the SEIU will march many well-heeled protestors carrying ‘99%’ signs through Denver. The SEIU mission this year is to do for healthcare what it did for education – organize and squeeze out the money.

Public education in the US is a borderline case of child abuse. Despite a doubling in real (i.e. inflation adjusted) per pupil spending on K-12 education over the past 40 years, students’ actual academic achievement has remained flat or worse. Indeed, the cities that spend the most per pupil, such as D.C, New York, and LA, are among the very worst at teaching children to read, write, and be proficient at lower math. It is as if the unions that run prisons in those states bribe the teachers to do as poor a job as possible.

At the center of this national tragedy is the SEIU, and their next target is the local doctor’s office. Private sector unionism is all but non-existent, relegated to a few bastions of manufacturing, but the public sector with its union-Democrat complex remains fertile territory for the SEIU. With the private sector rejecting unions, the best way to expand unions is to expand government, and nothing promises to expand government more than Obamacare.

In the run-up to Obamacare, then SEIU president Andy Stern visited the White House 22 times, more than any other person. Pres. Obama’s goal is a single payer (i.e. socialized) medicine system, which he preaches to unions. Nearly 12 percent of the US private sector works in health care, so Mr. Stern’s interest in government run health care is understandable, as is today’s focus on health care in Denver.

Obamacare is not just a tool for the government to tell people how to live, it is part of a plan to permanently empower Democrats who receive nearly all the unions’ political donations. Obamacare’s perverse incentives to underinsure until a need arises will bankrupt private sector insurers and force a single payer system, and the winners under socialized medicine will be the unions. Once health care workers are de-facto government employees, unionization will be a snap. Anyone who is dissatisfied with the quality of service from public teachers, the TSA, or even the US Postal Service should be very afraid for the quality of his health care under the SEIU.

Unless the Supreme Court throws out Obamacare entirely, the primary issue for next year must be its repeal. Nothing casts a bigger shadow of uncertainty over the employment outlook. Nothing is more threatening to the US economy. Nothing is a more politically potent tool for the Democrats. Once Obamacare takes full effect, it will be as impossible to repeal as Social Security and Medicare. There will be only one chance to save the very lives of sick people from the SEIU’s political machine.

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