Everyone Is Wrong On Gay Marriage

Last week New York GOP lawmakers and a Dem governor passed a law “giving gay couples the same marital rights as everyone else,” as the Huffington Post put it. Traditionalists object to gay marriage, but they can only blame themselves for entrusting the institution to the government. Likewise gay-rights activists are surely pleased with the new law, but they should ask themselves what they really want from this issue and whether the government can ever deliver.

First off, what is marriage? To traditionalists, marriage is the joining of a man and a woman, as ordained by God. To secularists, and as a practical matter, marriage is a civil contract between two people. Marriage provides for such things as the transfer of wealth between spouses, visitation and other rights when a spouse is ill or dying, the sharing of common assets, and the distribution of those assets in the event of divorce. Forget about children and marriage; an ever increasing portion of today’s children are illegitimate.

The practical aspects of marriage are things all people should be free to do without the government’s blessing. People have the natural right to assemble and associate as they will, and that includes contracts for the sharing of assets. They have the right to handle their bodies as they will, including assigning those rights in the event of their incapacitation. They have the right to transfer their wealth to whomever they want without penalty. The government is not giving such rights to married couples; it is denying those natural rights to everyone else.

There are more unmarried straight people who need to exercise these natural rights than there are gay couples, but for some reason the Old Time Media only focuses on gay-rights. Rather than campaign for the lifting of the government restrictions on all people, the gay-rights movement just sought to get under the marriage umbrella.

Anyone can hold a marriage ceremony anywhere. Anyone can wear a ring. Anyone can cohabitate and raise children. The laws surrounding the transfer of wealth apply to less than 1% of taxpayers. Anybody can already visit Vermont for some syrup and a gay marriage. Very few lives will change in a practical way with the NY’s new law. Why the gay-rights obsession with government sanctioned marriage? Acceptance is the real gay-rights goal.

Gay-rights activists are sure to be sorely disappointed to learn that nobody’s opinion of gay marriage will change simply because NY now allows them to fill out a standard form. Gay marriage is a symbolic blast of hot air. Traditionalists will not change their beliefs. Life will go on, apart from a handful of politicians like Pres. Obama who in 2008 saidI believe that marriage is the union between a man and a woman. Now, for me as a Christian — for me as a Christian — it is also a sacred union.”

Those who oppose gay marriage can only blame themselves for entrusting their institution with the government. The government twists in the political winds, and can only be relied on to disappoint. Most people now know that entrusting their retirement and healthcare to the government was a mistake. Entrusting marriage to the government is a similar roll of the dice.

The government should not endorse gay marriage; the government should get out of the marriage business altogether. Most of all, nobody should look to the government for validation of his life or defense of his religion. The governments of the US are corrupt, capricious, and are the biggest threat to the nation’s survival. Why should anyone expect such bodies to arbitrate morals?

5 thoughts on “Everyone Is Wrong On Gay Marriage

  1. As significantly as I’d like to see Gay marriage allowed, it’s still a state problem. Just as Obama feels about it. The US Supreme Court will possibly rule in favor of Prop 8 if it goes that far.

  2. no matter what anyone says its wrong to be gay first because the Bible says it straight in Leviticus 18:22 and in Leviticus 20:13, and also homosexuals are responsible for the majority of sexual deseases so its the same as saying its all right to serial killer.

  3. It’s wrong to be gay first because the Bible says it straight in Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13, and also homosexuals are responsible for the majority of sexual deseases so its the same as saying its right to be a serial killer.

  4. Okay okay so the bible also says he who is sinless throw the first stone it it Also states that no sin is greater then another so let them do what they want if it is as bad as ppl like u make it out to be then they will face there judgement another day

  5. Ok… Are you sure it’s just “Acceptance” that gays are after? While their lives won’t change a great deal after the passage of such things as marriage equality, the fact that there would still be a change is remarkable still. Very few other groups in America are as reviled as gays, and can be slandered with impunity. Just try the standard anti-gay attacks, but change the wording to suit blacks, or women, or Mormons, and suddenly it would not be ok, at all. Maybe after living in a world of double standards and governmentally enforced hate you’d find that the situation is intolerable and possibly fight for some “acceptance”? Religionists can make pleas for acceptance, tolerance, dignity, respect, and privacy for a completely voluntary choice, and yet gays cannot ask for the same with something that is clearly at least partially biological (innate). Just something for you to chew on…

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