Obama Didn’t Lie II

Two weeks ago Shout Bits discussed the perverse consequences of Obamacare – the elimination of health care options for individuals. Because of Obamacare’s many mandates, no private insurer can profitably offer new individual policies, so carriers are leaving the marketplace en masse. Further evidence that Obamacare will destroy private insurance and force individuals into a single payer system was delivered by Humana this week in a Letter outlining how Obamacare will limit choices for individual policy holders.

A highlight of the letter is the new concept of ‘grandfathered’ plans. Essentially, Humana acknowledges that new policies will be much more expensive due to the obscene mandates under Obamacare. Good news, though, because anyone covered before March 23, 2010 won’t have to pay the Obamacare penalties. Bad news, though, you can never change insurers or insurance coverage plans for the rest of your life. Of course young people seeking individual coverage will not have any options other than the government single payer plan.

Also, policies for young individuals can only be bought during a certain window each year. Anyone wanting individual coverage anytime other than October: tough. No further evidence is required – Obamacare is a rocket sled ride to single payer socialized medicine. The full and immediate repeal of Obamacare is the most critical mission for the survival of the US.

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